The newLISP on Rockets blog

Currently running newLISP on Rockets version: 2.001

What is newLISP on Rockets?

newLISP is a fast and flexible scripting language that uses a LISP syntax. It's very easy to learn and use.

Rockets is a framework written in newLISP that is designed for rapid prototyping of web-based applications. It uses Bootstrap for its user interface as well as jQuery. Database functions use SQLite.

The framework is open-source, licensed under the GPL. The source code for both the framework and this blog are available here.

How about a Hello World?

Sure! Here's one:

#!/usr/bin/env newlisp
(load "newlisp-rockets.lisp")
(display-navbar "Hello World")
(start-div "hero-unit")
  (displayln "Hello, World!")

Is that it?

newLISP on Rockets is currently in the early stages of development. You are welcome to peruse the blog for updates on the project.