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Rocket Man
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Posted on: 2013-12-04 13:21:25.000
Don't worry folks, Rockets is still being actively developed. I've started a new job and Rockets is going to be one of the tools in my arsenal, so I'll be continuing to update it.

My immediate priorities for Rockets are:

* Improving documentation for installation and support
* Adding a few key features to the Rockets Blog to make it more useful for people starting their own projects

Long-term goals for the project include:

* Updating to support the newer Bootstrap 3
* Fixing Twitter integration so it works with the new Twitter API
* Possibly some more integration with Solr, the database I use for certain projects

Dream goals include:

* Hosted version of Rockets, so new users can start developing their own site right away, without having to deal with installing Ubuntu and finding a web host, etc. This is a long-term project so don't look for it right away. :)

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