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Rocket Man
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Posted on: 2013-02-15 11:59:24.000
I've made some changes to the code base that will make it easier to start new custom sites based on Rockets. This is for my benefit as well as everyone else's-- I'm currently developing a bunch of new sites with this technology!

Now, when you run setup-rockets.lisp, the script asks you for a long and short name for your blog, an owner name, and the database name. These are automatically saved in a new configuration file called Rockets-config.lisp. I went through every page in the Rockets blog and changed it so that it reads various custom data about the blog from the config file.

The config file looks like this:

(context 'RocketsConfig)
(set 'Database "ROCKETS-BLOG")
(set 'Name "The newLISP on Rockets Blog")
(set 'ShortName "newLISP on Rockets")
(set 'Owner "Rocket Man")
(context MAIN)

This should make it a lot easier to set up new sites with different configurations.

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Posted on: 2013-02-15 14:36:04.000
Well, this just gets better and better. I am pushed to keep up to date with your new source code!

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Posted on: 2013-02-21 14:44:57.000
I have removed all the previous Rockets-*.lsp files and will now try the latest from git after running the new setup program. Will feed back how it goes.

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