Rough schedule for completion of Rockets 2.0

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Date: 2019-04-04 10:20:39.000
Author: Rocket Man
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This is just a rough list of the remaining tasks that I need to finish in order to get Rockets 2.0 out the door:

- Migrate last author and last post date with script DONE
- Update posting page to update last author and last post date, sort forums by last post date DONE
- Editing of posts and comments after posting (admins only?) DONE
- Create post link for admins on front page DONE
- Comics support (as on my home page) DONE
- Podcast support (as on my home page) -- Basically done, barring some minor tweaks --
- RSS support
- Font changes / color changes in CSS in Admin panel (would be neat to have different colors for each tab like Writing Holmes)
- Multiple site support (via Apache)
- set Apache permissions on .lisp and .db files
- testing installation script on bare Linux VM

Some of these will take more time than others, but I'll revisit this thread from time to time to update my progress.

jojo on 2019-03-11 12:42:09.000


Thanks very much for these developments!

Curious about what you intend with "RSS Support".

Keep up all the goodness and very much appreciated! :0)

Rocket Man on 2019-03-25 09:55:03.000

"RSS Support" will just be an automatic RSS feed of all your blog posts that you can enable as an optional box (icon) somewhere on your site.Then when someone adds that link in their RSS reader, they will get a feed of all the posts on your blog.

xerxes on 2019-04-22 03:18:42.000

Hey, Rocket Man!

I have had a lot of fun playing ...

In both "about" and "why" code files, I "set" the text rows as lists of text rows, then used

"(map displayln [text-list name]). Looks neat, but I wonder if it would impact speed on large pages. There's no perceivable lag to my eye.

in pages where there is not a great deal of text in the body, it won't be worth it.

Rocket Man on 2019-04-23 15:51:52.000

Hey, that's a cool idea. The speed impact should be negligible.

xerxes on 2019-04-25 04:49:58.000

Saves typing a whole bunch of "DisplayLns"

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