newLISP on Rockets now on HTTPS!

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Date: 2019-10-30 18:32:12.000
Author: Rocket Man

You'll notice a neat little lock icon in the upper left of the URL bar, courtesy of Let's Encrypt, a non-profit organization that hands out SSL certificates for websites. You just have to install open-source software on the server, which proves you are the owner of a website, and you can automatically get a certificate.

I have been putting off installing it for a long time, because I was worried that it might break something. But it was super quick and easy to set up. Here's the guide I used (for Ubuntu 14, but worked on 18 just as well):

Yay encryption!

xerxes on 2019-12-03 16:49:11.000

You had the courage! Yay!

xerxes on 2020-01-01 10:18:11.000

Hey, Mr Rockets Guy, Best Wishes for 2020! My resolution is to put some effort into a Rocket s site this year!

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