Fixing little bugs

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Date: 2022-05-16 21:38:28.000
Author: Rocket Man

After a big release like Rockets 2.0, the remaining work is less glamorous, but in many ways more important.

I've been keeping track of small issues and bugs here and working my way through fixing all of them:

For example, for a long time the "Delete post" button was kind of scary, because it would instantly delete a post with no recourse. And because Rockets was so fast, you couldn't even hope to interrupt the process! It was like, click, boom, done.

Now I've added a secondary confirmation prompt, so you'll never delete a post by accident.

It's a small thing, a minor update, but you keep doing these and they start to add up. Things just get a little bit cleaner and nicer.

Feel free to add your own bugs and issue to the list!

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