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Date: 2012-10-29 21:41:28.000
Author: Rocket Man

When I started this little thing a month and a half ago, I didn't expect anyone to notice it right away. The Internet is a big place and Rockets is, for now, quite small.

But a few people have found their way here (welcome guys!) and so I now need a way to send some welcome emails for new users.

I've added a function called (send-mail), which sends an email to a given address. Behind the scenes it uses the Unix command sendmail, so you will need to have that installed on your server (simply type "sudo apt-get install sendmail" on Ubuntu or Debian).

To avoid emails falling into spam traps, you need to be sending from a valid email address that has the same domain as the server that is sending it. The (send-mail) function will take care of all the headers and things automatically.

For example, for new users, I simply use:

(send-mail UserEmail "newlisponrockets@newlisponrockets.com" "Rocket Man" "Welcome to the newLISP on Rockets blog!" welcome-email)

where welcome-email is the string of the body of the email.

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