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Date: 2012-12-03 13:28:52.000
Author: Rocket Man

Is now to post more!

Now comments on blog posts, forum posts, or replies to forum posts will count towards your post count total. This feature wasn't implemented before, so I've gone ahead and retroactively counted everyone's posts (thanks to the COUNT(*) features of SQLite) to ensure not a single post of yours goes uncounted!

Post counts are a fun way to keep track of contributions to an online community. Implementing the +1 bump every time a user posts was quite easy:

; now update the user's postcount! postcount++!!
(set 'UserId Rockets:UserId)
(set 'UserPosts (++ Rockets:UserPosts))
(update-record "Users" UserId UserPosts)

I was pretty happy to be able to use the ++ function given that on many online forums, people post things like "Postcount++" when they post. Of course, this is LISP, so the ++ comes first.

You can view your post count by going to Edit Profile (click your name on the upper right to pull down the user menu) or simply by viewing a forum thread to see everyone's post counts! I didn't put post counts in the Blog view because blog posts are supposed to be, well, more about the post itself than about everyone increasing post counts. But if you view a blog thread in Forum view you will see that the appropriate counts have been updated.

At some point I will implement ranks based on postcount, which will also appear in the forum view and in your profile. So get out there and start posting!

Rocketeer on 2012-12-04 01:57:06.000

Hey, that's pretty good :)


Next ratings?

Rocket Man on 2012-12-04 11:54:49.000

Not sure if it's the right time to implement ratings just yet. They only really work with a large enough user base and posting activity where you actively need to have the community approve/disapprove posts.

If the humble little Rockets blog gets there, that'll be awesome!

xerxes on 2012-12-08 07:58:52.000

Greetings o Rocket Man

I have got the Hello World! example running, bare bones, on my 64 bit Ubuntu pc. I got the Add Handler thing right after messing around (didn't realise that the code sample you gave should be in httpd.conf. I had put it in 000-default on "site-enabled" folder). I also had to change "sqlite3.lsp" module to locate file (or rather, the 64 bit version) in /usr/share/newlisp. Thanks so much. I will continue to add bits & pages until I have something.

One thing I can't find is the .png file "poweredby" - I'll be very happy to use that once you are happy for me to.

cheers & thanks again

Rocket Man on 2012-12-08 10:43:51.000

Sweet! I'll have to put together some of these hints when I write my installation help file.

Poweredby.png can be found here:

You are welcome to use it!

xerxes on 2012-12-09 04:56:43.000

xerxes on 2012-12-09 05:06:12.000

Thanks for the .png.

I had an OOPS!. Today when trying my hello world attempt, I got a 403 access error. After a lot of faffing around, I googled for where the log file is, & checked. It warned that my [filename].cgi did not exist on this server. That had to mean "AddHandler" was no longer working. I recalled that I had deleted it from "000-default" file in /sites-enabled, & put it in http.conf. BUT, I deleted it only just before closing down. So, the site was loading because of having it in 000-default, not because of having it in httpd.conf.

Now, I've commented it out of httpd.conf, & put it back in file "000-default" in /sites-enabled/, & o Rocket Man, verily we have lift-off again.

SO *please* ignore my comments about putting it in httpd.conf. Wrong!

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